Sunday, 24 February 2013

It's been a while..

...since I last posted! I had a post written up and pics taken about spring with hyacinths and snowdrops etc but blogger wouldn't let me upload them despite trying several times. So I got a bit disheartened.

Anyway - I have had a mixed time on the knitting front since I was last here.  Downside is a pretty pink baby cardigan that turned out to be a little monster as the pattern just wouldn't work like it was supposed to - on top of that I forgot to take a pic before I gave it!

Upside is I have bought and been given some gorgeous wool! first I bought some hand spun and hand dyed wool at a pop up shop in Framlingham where I work

aren't the colours lush? you can see I have already started on the bottom one, my first pair of socks!

I have long wanted to try making socks, now that I go to a knitting club I feel I can have a go as there are so many lovely ladies there who are happy to help. I am finding it quite difficult to knit on tiny dpns and there are 'ladders' between the needles, but I think this will get better with practise.
Then these two beauties..

were a birthday present from my daughter - she bought them whilst on holiday in Australia, these came from a shop in Freemantle WA, baby alpaca 2 ply 800 yds in each skein! I have already wound some of the bottom one and am starting a lace scarf, this will be a challenge for me as I am not good with very fine yarn but am determined to learn, the secret may be- daylight and a few rows at a time!!

Bye for now xx

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