Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Catch up

Well it turns out I am rubbish at blogging, its simply AGES since I last wrote anything. I have tried to keep up with taking pics tho'.  So..

In Feb I bought this..

which I put together....

I also treated myself to this..

which is a big improvement on the old Quality Street tin I have been using since 2003! I had a fun time filling it with seed packets, seed markers etc.

then I sowed broad bean seeds in two trays

and because it was so cold back then in Feb, I also put some of the shallots I had bought into pots in case I couldn't get on my allotment 'til it was too late..

Since then I have also sown butterhead lettuces, beetroot,  dwarf climbing beans ,runner beans,  cucumbers, courgettes, patty pan, butternut squash and planted out 4 rows of potatoes!! so have been busy. The broad beans have been out on the allotment for several weeks now and are doing well. I have put out  the beetroot and some iceberg lettuces a neighbouring allotmenteer gave me.  I have 3 apple trees on the allotment that we planted2/3 years ago, a Gala, Bramley and Russett, they are all full of blossom and I am hoping we will have some apples later on in the year.

See the shallots? looking good! two gooseberries muddled up in there as well.
We are struggling with the allotment this year, both of us full of aches and pains which means we are being very slow but we will get there. When the allotment looks a bit better will take some pics to show you.

When I have time I fill in all the details of seed varieties, date sown, jobs accomplished (or not) in this lovely Garden Journal given to me by my daughter.

On the crafty front I have done very little, I seem to have lost my 'mojo' for some unknown reason, but am trying to revive it by doing a bit of simple stripey crochet.

Hope everyone is well. See you soon xxxx