Sunday, 22 December 2013

Are you ready for Christmas?

I nearly am! My hubby had an op at the end of November and isn't recovering as well as expected so has been needing lots of attention (!), however I am catching up and getting organised.

We have been invited to our daughters for Christmas Day, her first time doing the big lunch! there have been lots of 'phone calls about timings etc!

I always intend to make far more things towards Christmas than I ever actually achieve, but I have made my first ever tree decoration...
its not tooooo bad for a first effort, I have given it to our 2 year old grandson for his tree, he was very pleased and ran to put it up. I like the idea that he might keep it for years and know that his Granny made it for him.
I have made him another jumper, he's a little difficult about what clothes he will wear, but anything that Granny makes is apparently ok!
It was a simple knit and reasonably quick. I am making the pattern again for a friend of my daughter's little boy. When that is finished I am determined to carve out some time for my own knitting!!
Have a great Christmas and a fab 2014 xx