Wednesday, 12 June 2013

De-stash blanket

I have a LOT of wool! and really can't justify buying any more until I use some of it up.
In particular I have a lot of Stylecraft Special DK, its such a useful yarn to have, great range of colours, cheap, and has a really nice 'handle' - I use it a lot for crochet especially. So decided to make a de-stash blanket and this is where I have got to so far...

badly photographed on my kitchen floor! its probably not to a lot of people's taste, not sure it's mine - but I do quite like the random look, although I find it quite difficult to 'do' random, I spend ages deciding which colour to use next. Also despite it being a de-stash project, what have I done? Yes ordered some wool for it - I know I know but I have run out of two favourite colours so I had to get some more didn't I?

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