Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mother's Day

A tad late I know and no pics either, so maybe not a very interesting blog to read.... I have three children, two are very good with cards and presents and remembering important dates, the third one finds anything like that very difficult, its not meanness, I think its just total lack of interest and also perhaps not fully understanding that birthdays and Father's/Mother's Days do feel important to people, although his own birthdays etc are important to him so I think perhaps I'm being too generous, not wanting to believe one of my children is just lazy and selfish!

Anyway the other two were brilliant and I was given a beautiful Emma Bridgewater mug, some lovely orange blossom scented tealights and the Great British Bake Off book - such great presents.

We were meant to go visit my mother and take a card and some gifts, but on Saturday evening on the way home from work along flooded roads - boy have we had rain and snow in quantity - I drove into a deep flood too fast and although the car carried on and got me home, it was clearly very unhappy so we didn't want to risk an outing until we had the engine checked out. I had to have a new coil pack (no idea what that is) and the car is working properly again which is good news.

On the knitting front, I have frogged the socks and started again, I have started a scarf with some of the 2ply baby alpaca and am knitting myself a cardigan in Aran. Will post pics soon x

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